We at The Sandpiper Grille take great pride in the service we provided to Sun City over the last 5 years.  We have proudly served 1500 to 2000 meals a week for during this time. That is approx. 75,000 meals per year.  We certainly did not get them all correct and have our detractors in the community.  However, we have overwhelmingly succeeded with 99.9% customer satisfaction. 

We are the only local upscale restaurant and sports pub in this town.  We provide a community service and resource to all.  We serve great food for very reasonable prices.  (i.e. Half pound burger with steak fries served with linen tablecloths and napkins for $7.95, about the same price as a #7 at McDonalds. 

There are no major chain restaurants that can self-sustain on a population which likes to in many cases order the $9.95 daily special and then share it and leave a $1 tip, all before the sidewalks roll up at 8:00.

There are many customers who come to dine at least once a day.  Many of these customers have no dining options available to them as they have no means of transportation, or only have golf carts or cannot drive far, or prefer not to get indifferent service at some of the major chains up on Big Bend or beyond.   They know we know we are getting older here and need special kinds of service, little things like chairs with wheels, large print menus and patient,  friendly service

As residents of Sun City Center my wife and I have greatly enjoyed providing this service to all.  With the unfortunate events recently, we may longer be able to do so. 

Only the Sun City Center residents and surrounding communities will determine if we can continue or if we will have to ‘pack it up and go home’.
We need your support.

Many of our devoted customers have expressed outrage at the rumors and mis-truths that are being circulated and have made demands that I to get the word out, so here it is….


RUMOR - The Sandpiper Grille is closed by the Dept of Health
TRUTH - we were closed by the DOH for less than four business hours during their Inspection and are now open.

RUMOR - The person affected by Hepatitis A died.
TRUTH - She is fine, as reported by Haley Hines of Fox 13 News on April 8th.

RUMOR - The person who was affected was a cook who displayed signs of drug use.
TRUTH - The affected person is a single mother of two who lives with her parents.  She was a Manager in Training and during Mar 20 thru 24th (the warning period) and she was not involved in Food Preparation or Service during that time.  She is a straight arrow who has never displayed any signs of drug use.

RUMOR - There have been many customers infected.
TRUTH - There have been NO reports of any customers infected

RUMOR - Employees are infected.
TRUTH - Employees were interviewed by the Dept of Health Epidemiology Department on Thursday April 6th and all were NON symptomatic.  Anyone not already vaccinated (validated on the DOH database) received the vaccination on site the same day.  Three employees declined, they were suspended and will not be allowed to return to work unless they are re-interviewed by the DOH and vaccinated.

RUMOR - Hepatitis-A lasts forever.
TRUTH - Hepatitis-A like the Chicken Pox or Measles in that it is self- healing, no antibiotics are given to those affected, and when individuals recover, they no longer have the virus, are no longer contagious to anyone and cannot get it again.

RUMOR - The Sandpiper Grille has rodents and roaches
TRUTH - The DOH determined that NO live roaches or rodents exist at The Sandpiper Grille and Bunkers in three subsequent four-hour inspections.

MORE TRUTH - The Sandpiper Grille has been inspected at least twice a year with only minor Basic Violations for 7 years, 5 under present ownership.  The most recent inspections have been much more in depth for obvious reasons.  The Employees and Ownership of the Sandpiper have been working  with the DOH Inspectors and Epidemiology very closely each day (including conversations over the weekend) to provide the safest possible environment.

WE ALL would like to thank the Board of Health Inspectors for working so closely with us to ensure the environment goes beyondcode in terms of safety and cleanliness.  At this point we believe that with their help we probably have the safest food service environment in the county. 

The Employees and Management send a special shout out and thank you to Inspector Shauna for her countless tips and advice on how to be better than Code requires.

As was said before, only the residents of Sun City Center will determine if they want this resource to be available. 

We have the full support of the Department of Health, we now need yours.

God Bless

The Owners and Staff.